Our Book Review – Lucky by Carina Adams


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

This…This novel….One word….Brilliant.

This is my first ever read by author Carina Adams, so naturally I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I as a reader/blogger was willing to take the chance.

What I got what a brilliantly written, detailed and in depth read that I couldn’t put down.

In this novel we meet Lucky, senior student at college, all american football star, who works at the local pub Hooligans. He has charm, charisma and a body to match. He is quite simply the full package and downright sinfully delicious. 

We meet Sunny who is beautiful in her won right. Running from her past, Sunny has set herself up a new life, away from her damaging past. She is out with her best friend Blossom for a night of nights, to let loose, before she starts her job at the local college as a Professor. The girls end up at Hooligans.

That means one thing.
Lucky and Sunnys paths are about to cross.
One night that’s all they want.
They take the chance and spend the night one forgetting and enjoying all things naughty.

But what happens when reality hits?
What happens when their paths cross on campus, Lucky the student, Sunny the Professor?
They both know that a relationship is simply out of the question?
It goes against every policy.
But they can’t help it.
They need each other like they need air.

Can they keep it a secret?
Will their relationship be revealed?
Will they lose everything, Sunny her job, Lucky his scholarship?
How will it all end?

Guys I must say that in my time of blogging I have read student/teacher novels before and yes I have enjoyed them, but Lucky I absolutely loved.

Emotionally charged, raw, confronting, heartbreaking, heartwarming, lighthearted and all things sinful are just a few words that come to mind when reflecting on this novel. It was executed perfectly, with so much depth and detail that I couldn’t help but be drawn to every word on every page.
I instantly fell in love with Sunny and her sassiness and playfulness.
I instantly fell in love with Lucky and his charm and humour.
And both of them together…..Perfection.

A read that I cant rate highly enough. A must read.

5 stars 

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