Moments of Beauty By JB Heller


**Received for honest review**

“Taking in the moments of beauty I’ve captured through my lens soothe me as I fall asleep”

As always JB delivers an amazing book packed full of punch straight into it and to the point this is what I love about this author she doesn’t drag a book out for millions of pages her books are a great size and jammed pack full of emotion.

“If I could freeze time and capture this absolutely perfect moment, I would. This right here, is my definition of a moment of beauty.”

Hux thinks his invisible he pretends to be he breezes through school with no friends he sits at the same tree every lunch and just watches, he watches her.

Hux never speaks to her he doesn’t believe he is worth it, his not in there clicky group.

His flying through school so he can hurry up and get away from his dad he feels the faster he is away from him the better his dad will be, so his father keeps telling him.

Hux’s father Henry blames Hux for ruining his life and taking away the love of his life…..

Hux’s mother.

“My life has become one of the moments of beauty I was once obsessed with capturing.”

She left when he was the tender age of 2 years old never to return and his father has blamed him ever since that day.

On his way home one night Hux gets a lift.

With the one he watches.

The one that is full of beauty.

The one he feels he will never be good enough for.

It doesn’t matter.

His leaving.

“Its more than a moment of beauty, so much more, because I made it happen.”

Eliza has been watching Hux for a while, he intrigues her, she wants him so that she will get….. But for how long??

After weeks of being together and falling in love it’s time for Hux to leave, to start fresh, a new life.

“I make the most of stolen moments with her”

His heart breaks to leave her but he knows he needs to.

After an amazing night, Eliza wakes up alone.

His gone.


The story of Eliza and Hux is an emotional beautiful read it takes us on a journey with them we can feel what they feel, we can feel Hux’s doubt about himself, but beautiful to see him rediscover himself and know his self-worth and that he is worthy of Eliza’s love.

 “But despite him. You’ve turned into this amazing human being who takes my breath away with your appreciation of the little, seemingly inconsequential things in life,”

5 Stars

 “This right here, this is my happy place.”


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