Our Book Review – Hurt Me, Heal Me (Dante’s Purgatory #1) by Sayara St. Clair


** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

This is the first time that I have ever read anything from this author, so I had absolutely no idea what I was getting in to. Yes I had read the synopsis, but that was all I had to go by. So really I had no idea what to expect.

What I did get was an outstanding, highly emotional, sinfully delicious, all consuming read. I honestly couldn’t put it down.

We meet Caitlan.

A beautiful young woman who for years lived by the rule of Ivan. She had met Ivan through her father who passed away when she was 19 years old. Alone in the world, Ivan convinced Caitlan to move in with him. What did she have to lose. Her mother and father were both gone, no siblings, it was just Caitlan. And she trusted him. After-all he was her fathers friend. Ivan made her feel wanted, needed.
So she moved.
But that would be the biggest mistake of her life.
Six years, six long and painful years, Caitlan was subjected to things no human being should ever live through, but Caitlan knew nothing else. She was his submissive. She always knew that she had to please Ivan, otherwise the punishments would be bloody and painful.
Ivan ultimately conditioned her, moulded her into what she was. She knew no different. But with the passing of Ivan, Caitlan had to find a way to live a life without the controlling Ivan. She had to yet again live a life of being alone, condtioned to only live one way……To submit.

Meet Paul.

Co-owner of Dante’s Purgatory. A club where Dom meets Sub. It’s his way of life. 
Never any attached feelings, in Pauls world women would come and go. A successful business that is his empire. 
But on this one occasion everything in Pauls world would be turned upside down.
His life would irrevocably changed forever.
She would be his game changer.

Welcome to Caitlan and Pauls world…..

Guys we have all read them, Dom and Sub, the world of BDSM, but this, this novel is uniquely different. This novel focuses on the after affects of an abusive Dom relationship and what affect it has on lives personally and psychologically.  It goes into great detail and depth of Caitlans struggle to accept who she is. It goes into great length about the life that Caitlan lived under Ivans rule, and her struggles to change the way he conditioned her. 
Yes at times it was disturbing, raw and highly confronting to read, but it was mesmerising being able to read a novel based on the Subs (Caitlans) feelings, desires, wants and needs. 
For me Hurt Me, Heal Me was rare and unique in every sense of the word.
For lovers of the BDSM scene, I cannot rate this novel highly enough. 
An exceptional, thought provoking read.

4 stars. 

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