Our Book Review – Tempt The Boss by Natasha Madison


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review**
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Again, Natasha Madison has done it again.
I have been completely blown away and loved every minute of it.
Every page, word, sentence, paragraph, chapter…..I LOVED THIS NOVEL!!

We meet Lauren.
A single Mum to two beautiful kids Rachel and Gabe.
Her ex Jake is in their life, but he broke Lauren in the worst possible way.
But she refuses to suffer anymore.
Her kids depend on her, so it’s time for Rachel step up.
That means getting a job.
Sounds easy right?
Well it’s not when her boss is Austin.

Meet Austin.
Strong, independent, all things sinfully delicious.
He’s been looking for a PA and can’t seem to find one that suits his needs.
Temp after temp, they come, they go.
He needs a great PA who will quite frankly jump when he asks them too.
And he has rules.
No personal relationships with co-workers.
It’s a rule he lives by.
But that is until Lauren walks in.

Austin and Laurens world are going to be tilted on their axis.
Their worlds will never be the same. 
Rules will be broken.
This is their story.

Guys WTF….I have no idea how to review perfection.
This novel had me from the very beginning. I seriously couldn’t put it down. 
This had everything, and I mean everything and so much more. 
Laugh….Omfg I haven’t laughed my butt off in a novel like I did with this one. The banter between all of the characters was off the charts hilarious.
The emotion…Boy there were moments where I found my tears spilling because I was just so completely moved.
And what I found so very rare with this is that you often find yourself falling for the main characters in most novels, with Lauren and Austin being those, but I fell in love with each and every single one of characters in Tempt The Boss. Kaleigh, Noah, John, Rachel, Gabe, Cooper, Matthew….These guys all very unique, but bought so much to the story. 

A heartwarming, breathtaking, sinfully delicious read that I seriously cannot recommend this high enough.
Natasha Madison just writes perfection at the highest of levels and shouldn’t be missed.

5 amazingly brilliant stars.

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