Our Book Review – Aryn’s Desire (Finding Submission #1) by Zoey Derrick


** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Okay….This novel….I can honestly say that it’s the first time ever that I have had a love/hate relationship with a novel, but with Aryn’s Desire I did…….

I struggled guys, like the struggle was real when I first picked up this novel. I had trouble connecting with the characters, I had trouble connecting to the story. I think there were about a dozen or so moments when I thought I can’t read it, I need to put it down….
But I didn’t want to, I wanted to persevere with it, I didn’t give up…

And guys, am I so glad I kept going and finished it…..

Because this book was absolutely sinfully explosive to the point it even made my toes curl.

We meet Aryn who is in personal dilemma. He finds out that his best friends are into the BDSM scene, which Aryn isn’t familiar with personally, but begins to explore the world with his friends.
Aryn is torn. He believes that he is a dominant, and that’s how he wants to be trained, but as the frequency of ‘The Box’ intensifies, Aryn finds himself questioning his role as a dominant altogether.
He begins to question everything he thought of himself.
He begins to think that maybe, just maybe he is a submissive.
All because of one man.


We meet Caden. A dominant in every sense of the word. He loves to play with no strings/feelings attached. He loves the lifestyle. He’s good at what he does. Past hurt has caused him to be this way.
But Caden begins to question everything about himself.
Caden begins to question his own ability to keep feelings out of the equation. 
And why……


A novel that I must say that I hated, then I absolutely loved.  
Intense, sinful, dark, gritty and raw are just a few words that come to mind when reflecting on this novel. A BDSM novel that gives you an insight as to what it’s like for those who are new to the scene and who are trying to find who they really are without shame.

A highly recommended read.

4 stars 

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