Our Book Review – Caden’s Command (Finding Submission #2) by Zoey Derrick


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Caden’s Command is the second instalment of the Finding Submission series, following the first Aryn’s Desire.

What can I say guys……This, I absolutely loved this.
This novel was instant love for me. I couldn’t put it down.
After reading Aryn’s Desire which I had a love/hate relationship with, I couldn’t get my hands on Caden’s Command quick enough. I read it in just one afternoon, I wanted, no needed to know what happened to both Aryn and Caden.
And I was not disappointed.

Caden’s Command starts where Aryn’s Desire finishes off. 
Aryn is baring his soul to Caden, kneeling at his feet, wanting to be Cadens submissive. 
Caden desperately wants this to be true, but he fears that Aryn may still be confused. But he has to take the chance, because Caden hasn’t met anyone who has evoked any feeling in him for ten long years. Cadens need to be with Aryn is so great, that he is practically willing to do anything for their relationship to flourish. 

But what secrets is Caden hiding?
Will Caden be able to bare his own soul to Aryn?
Can Aryn accept Cadens past?
Or is it all too late?

Guys you need to read this. Again we are back into the BDSM scene with this novel with a whole lot of sinfully delicious M/M scenes that will leave you breathless. Sexy, powerful, confronting, heartbreaking, breathtaking. This is what Caden’s Command is. Such an all consuming read you just don’t want to end. I know I didn’t. A beautifully written read that takes you on a soul searching journey through the eyes of not only a submissive, but also a dominant. 

Overall a simply brilliant read.
Thank you so much Zoey for giving us Caden and Aryn’s story. A story that will stay with me always.

5 stars.

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