Our Book Review – Her Marine – Emerson Rose


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Written from a dual pint of view we get to meet Kimber and Garcia in Emerson Rose’s new novel Her Marine.

Garcia, a marine fell in love, deeply in love, with a very pregnant and beautiful Kimber.
It was love at first sight for them both.
Kimber recently divorced, so she was a little afraid to free fall in love again, but she did with Her Marine, Garcia.

Moving in together, Kimber and Garcia were happy, revelling in each other, enjoying their love for each other, waiting on the arrival of a beautiful baby that Kimber was having. Even though the baby wasn’t Garcia’s, he promised to love and cherish the baby like it was his own. There was never a question. 

And then there was three.
Kimber, Garcia and Grayson, a beautiful baby boy.
Their lives were now complete.
They had everything they wanted.
They were now a family. 

But nothing would prepare them both for what was bout to come?

What happens when secrets revealed?
What happens when Kimber finds out the truth about Garcia, his family and his past?
What happens when Kimber’s ex-husband Caleb now wants to be a part of Grayson’s life?
Will Kimber and Garcia survive the turbulence headed their way, or will it ultimately destroy them?

A great read that I read from start to finish in one afternoon. Again Emerson Rose delivered a novel with plenty of suspense, twists and turns, emotion and depth that kept me entertained the whole way through.
Oh and did I forget to mention how sinfully delicious it is too.

A must read for those who love a man in uniform who takes charge and always gets what he wants!

4 stars 

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