Our Book Review – Yearn For You (Dante’s Purgatory #2) by Sayara St. Clair


** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Wow, just wow…..I am lost for words.

This is the second instalment of the Dante’s Purgatory series and again I was not disappointed…..Actually it was BRILLIANT!!

We meet Dante, part owner of Dante’s Purgatory who is business partners with Chris, his best friend.
They grew up together Dante and Chris, but growing up also included a beautiful little girl, Erica, Chris’s baby sister.
Dante growing up was Erica’s protector, shielding her from the pain and abuse she suffered at the hands of her grandmother.  He witnessed first hand the hell she went through growing up. Dante vowed that he would always be there for Erica.

But fast forward years.
Erica is no longer the little girl that Dante remembers.
She’s now a beautiful woman who Dante wants.
But he can’t.
She’s unattainable.
After-all, she is his best friends sister.

But Erica has other ideas.
She will have Dante.
She has loved him all their lives.
She wants him like she needs air.
She wants to be his submissive.
She wants Dante to love her like she has always loved him.

But what happens when the question is asked?
What will Dante say when Erica asks this of him?
Can he resist the temptation?
Can Dante be Erica’s dominant?
Who will be taken?
Who will pay the ultimate price?
And can Dante and Erica survive the hell that is about to haunt their lives?

Guys this is again another amazing read from Sayara St. Clair. 
It’s raw. confronting, and all things sinful, with a dark and edgy side. 
It’s breathtaking and heartbreaking.
It’s all consuming.
It’s everything any one of us could ask for in a novel and so much more.
Again an extremely rare read that delves into the dominant/submissive lifestyle.

I highly recommend this read.
Thank you Sayara St. Clair for giving  us such a powerful read.

5 stars.

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