Our Book Reviews – Luck of the Draw: 13 Romance & Suspense Novellas


** Provided on behalf of the authors for honest reviews **
** ALL reviews by Kylie from Bloggers From Down Under **

Placing her Bet by Sharon Coady

When Carissa ventures out, on her own, to the local racetrack, she didn’t expect to met the charming and handsome Joseph. What she also didn’t count on was him being the owner of the horse she just won a substantial amount of money on.

Joseph has had his fair share of money hungry women, but something tells him Carissa is different. And after spending a few weeks getting to know each other, he feels she could be “The One”.

A quick entertaining read, that instills the saying ” Never judge a book by its cover”.

Thoroughly enjoyable.


Going all In by Amy Manemann

Tucker is back in town after his dad is rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke.

The last person he expected to see was his ex Hadley.

Hadley has moved on since Tucker up and left. She has a successful business to think about.

But when their paths cross again, it will be like nothing ever changed.

A quick read that will have you believing that love can come around twice in one lifetime.

3/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Baby, Maybe by Lyssa Layne

You would think that the topic of infertility and countless IVF treatments would be a touchy subject to write about……….

But Lyssa Layne’s latest short story will pull you in from the very first chapter. And from there, you will join Julie and Shawn during their last attempt to have the family they have always wanted. And, from someone who knew a little about IVF procedures, the story line will take you on a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs, laughter and tears and hopefully the tiny potter patter of little feet.

A beautifully written story, that will open your eyes to the wonders of modern medicine.

Well done Lyssa, I thoroughly devoured this book.


Owned by Jade Kerrion

Let me set the scene for you……….

In the very day she’s to sign her divorce papers, Marie buys a lottery ticket, never thinking she would win. Since Phil filed for divorce, life has been pretty monotonous for Marie. Work, work and more work, purely her choice. It’s the only way she can not remember the better days her and Phil shared. The days before Afghanistan and the effects of PTSD took over their lives.

With her winnings, she decides to take herself in a long overdue vacation to the one place she always wanted to go with Phil. The one place in the whole world that Phil now works.

It’s not long until their paths cross, but it’s not the reunion that either of them anticipated.

Can they save each other at the same time they are trying to rekindle some sort of relationship?

Or does fate have other plans for these two?

A highly addictive read, which treats the topics of divorce and PTSD with the respect that it deserves.


Hold ‘me by Jacque Biggar

“In the game of love, all bets are off”

Matt is a high rolling professional poker player, and he has just won the hand of his life.

What Cass doesn’t realise (yet), is she’s the prize in her father and Matt’s poker game. Mr Gardner owes Matt a lot of money. Money he doesn’t have right now due to his daughters upcoming wedding.
But Matt is willing to take his payment in other forms……..pretend that Cass is his fiancé for the week to make his grandmothers wishes come true.

What neither of them planned on is becoming so comfortable around each other.

It’s not until an innocent horse ride around his families property, getting injured, their horses bolting and with no other option than to spend the night together in a gorgeous cabin, that they both realise the depth of their feelings.

Just as everything looks tied up and you’ll see these two get their happy ever after, a turn of events sees the whole relationship fall apart before their eyes.

A nice quick read, if not a tiny bit predictable.


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