Our Book Review – Bad Things (Love is Messy Duet Book 1) by Emily Goodwin


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Bad Things, a spin off from the Love Is Messy Series is the story about Cole and Ana, but can be read as a standalone. And believe me you will not be disappointed.

This is Cole and Ana’s story.
Both broken beyond repair.
Both unlucky in love.
They have been hurt, the pain etched deep within their souls.
Love is something that isn’t for them.
It doesn’t exist.
Cole can’t love.
Ana fears love.
They both have secrets.

Two people, complete strangers, but yet they both have so much in common.

So what happens when their paths cross, and they are no longer strangers?
What happens when Cole becomes Ana’s boss?
What happens when the chemistry starts flying?
Can Ana allow Cole into her heart?
Can Cole allow Ana into his heart?
Can Cole and Ana take themselves out of their comfort zones?
Or are they both damaged beyond repair, so scarred that that walls will remain up?

A heart-breaking, breathtaking story about two people trying to discover who they are.
A raw and gritty story about two people trying to deal with their scars from their past.
A confronting story about pain and hurt that it takes your breath away.
A story about self discovery and truth.
A story about letting go.

Overall a beautifully written read with such depth and meaning , you can actually feel every emotion with every page turned.

4 stars

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