Our Book Review – Savage Collision (A Savage Love Duet #1) by T.L. Smith


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down under **

If you have ever read anything from T.L. Smith you know that you are in for one hell of a ride with her novels. You know that you won’t be reading anything ordinary. Ordinary is something that T.L. Smith never gives. What she does give us each and every single time is something that no other author that I have EVER read gives…….One big MIND F%$K.

But this guys…..This novel is one of the biggest mind f#@ks I have ever read from T.L. 
It was mind manipulation at its finest. It’s almost as though T.L has this unique ability to distort everything that you read an manipulate your every thought. While you may be thinking one thing, T.L then throws you a twist that is just mind blowing. Nothing and I mean nothing is ever what it seems and you continually second guess yourself wondering, or rather wanting to know what happens. That’s how T.L draws you in.
She is a master mind of psychological torment. And I loved every minute of it.

In the first instalment of the Savage Love Duet series, we meet Milanka.
A young woman with demons that are never far behind. A past so tortured and scarred. all Milanka ever does is run, but it always catches her. It finds her and invades her every thought. She is a broken soul. 

We also meet Connick. All male, sinfully delicious, dark and dangerous. He is a man that always gets what he wants. And what  wants is her. She will be his, she just doesn’t know it yet.

And Derrick. He will stop at nothing to have the woman he has always loved. He will have her no mater the cost. 

Three people.
Three pasts.
Three tormented souls that will ultimately be brought together. 

But at what cost?

I honesty can’t offer much more than this guys, because this novel needs to be read. 
Edgy, dark with a whole lot of psychological twists that you will never see coming and will leave you void of any  normal thought process. It will leave you with a messy mind and incoherent thoughts and constantly second guessing. And you couldn’t ask for anything more than that in this novel.


5 stars

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