Physis By Michelle Irwin


**arc received and reviewed by Melinda from Bloggers From Down Under**

This review has taken a few days to write I’m no stranger to Michelle Irwins books i have followed the series all the way but this book just took it to a new level for Michelle.

We all know that Phoebe was taken by her Pysco ex Xavier and we all know that when she was saved by Beau and her dad that she wasn’t the same happy go lucky fun loving chick that we loved she was, Broken.










How does someone come back from what she has been through.

We didn’t know what she had been through at the hands of Bee, Xavier and his bible bashing mother, but through this book we go through parts of her trauma, its not for the light hearted its, Dark.

Heart breaking.

Gut wrenching.



But its tasteful and beautifully written.

I’m not going to go into detail of what Phoebe has gone through I will leave that for the readers to read for themselves.

Throughout this book we watched this broken girl with so many triggers and not leaving he safe zone of her room to slowly coming out thanks to the one man who is helping bring phoebe back.

At the start Phoebe wants nothing to do with the love of her life Beau who is also completely broken from losing the one women he loves but also losing there unborn child at the mercy of the evil Bee.

Beau moves to Australia in the hopes that Phoebe will one day come back to him and in efforts to be close to her just in case she needs him.

After 8 weeks of being back at home and her family not being able to help her through Beau comes up with an idea that may help Phoebe start breaking through.

This is where she lays eyes on him for the 1st time in 8 weeks. She talk to him for a minute. This is the 1st time phoebe has spoken to anyone in other than her immediate family or her psychiatrist in 8 weeks she hasn’t even spoken to Angel her best friend her other half her soul mate, this is a massive step for Phoebe and her parents Its shows a glimpse of light at the end of the very long tunnel.

Through out the book Phoebe makes tiny steps in her recovery but is also crippled by small triggers, we loved how real this story was and that Michelle took the time to do what happen to phoebe justice in the book the story line wasn’t rushed and it played out as if it would in every day life more or less.

Michelle did an amazing job on a very touchy subject and personally think its her best book to date, i couldn’t imagine what she went through writing this book it was raw gritty and heart breaking to read but so beautifully written.

Thank you Michelle for taking on a roller coaster and bring us to our knees with the events that took place with phoebe.

5 Massive Stars


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