Book Review – Repeating History (Book #1) by Hanleigh Bradley


** Review by Kylie from Bloggers From Down Under **

“He was the ruler by which I measured my growth. He was the stick by which I measured my tears. He was the tape by which I measured my success and he was the string by which I measured the size of my heart”

Set your mind back to your high school years, and imagine there is a boy who you were secretly, desperately in love with. Imagine if you never told him how you felt. Imagine being on the receiving end of taunts and teasing by said boy.

Now imagine if years later, you had the chance to set things right. Would you finally tell the man standing in front of you, your new work colleague, the boy of your dreams, how you felt all those years ago?

For you, it’s him, it’s always been him.

But what if you were everything to him too?

And what if just as you were getting your life together, one thing from your past is about to potentially ruin everything?

Another exciting series from Hanleigh Bradley, who brought us the entertaining 5 star Rules Series.

This book will seriously have you wanting more from this talented writer.


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