Book Review – Savage Reckoning (A Savage Love Duet #2) by T.L. Smith


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Every time you pick up a novel by T.L. Smith you know one thing is for sure….You are always guaranteed twisted.

And that is exactly what she delivered.

We are reunited with the dark and dangerous Connick, the delusion Derrick, and the fragile and broken Malinka.
A love triangle of sorts, both Connick and Derrick will fight to have the one woman that they are both obsessed with. The one woman that has completely captivated them. The one woman that they are willing to do anything for.

But Malinka is broken, damaged. The scars from her past haunt her each and every single day. Can she ever have a normal life, or will she be destined to be surrounded by the evil that lurks?  

We are also introduced to someone new. Someone who isn’t afraid to speak the truth. Someone who isn’t afraid to make their presence felt. Someone who isn’t afraid to take a life. 

What an absolute brilliant read. A love story, yes that’s right a love story but in a twisted, dark and dangerous kind of way that I couldn’t put down.
T.L just completely blows my mind every time I sit down to read her. Savage Reckoning was dark, sinful, edgy, confronting, heartbreaking, breathtaking and deadly. It had everything that I could’ve asked for. Sheer brilliance.

An absolute perfect way to end the Savage Love Duet.

5 stars

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