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Sheets and Secrets by

Liv Moore

Genre: Contemporary


Cover Designer: Oh

So Novel

Release Date: May

30, 2017



Ellie has realized becoming a stay at

home writer has proven to be more challenging than rewarding. Living on the

outskirts of the city with no potential job on the horizon, Ellie is left with

too much time on her hands and not enough money. When a spot opens up at the

strip club down the street where her roommate works, she jumps at the

opportunity. Plus, she is in desperate need of some writing inspiration. 

What could possibly

go wrong?

Kason has dated the

wrong type of women his entire life. Being a cop, he’s seen what goes on in the

background of the clubs. After what happened years ago, he swore he would never

get involved with a stripper ever again.

Until he meets Ellie.


Will Ellie be able to

keep Kason and her job a secret? Will Kason run away from his past, or accept

it and let Ellie in?   Will danger find them tangled between their sheets

and secrets?

*Sheets and Secrets

is a STANDALONE novella with some violence, suspense, sexual conduct, and

language. As always, a HEA. Ages 18+ only.



© 2017 by Liv Moore


and Secrets

I getto the store, walk inside, and grab a small basket, my skin already feeling

nice and cool. I know if everything I get can all fit in the basket it won’t be

too much to carry back home. I throw away my coffee and head toward the bread

section. As I make my way through the aisles I notice a guy in a cop uniform.

Not just any guy, but the guy. The one from last night and now in my

notebook. He’s right next to the eggs. Damn it. Eggs were the last item on my

list so I decide to wait around the milk section until he leaves. I bet he

doesn’t even recognize me. Why would he? He probably sees dozens of people a

day being a cop. He finally leaves the aisle without any eggs, which pisses me

off a little, and I head straight for the eggs I need so I can get out of here.

I quickly make my way to the checkout register and start to lay my items out on

the conveyer belt.


you forget the milk?” a deep voice asks behind me.


me?” I turn around and it’s him. I immediately blush and don’t know why.

I guess it’s because I’ve never been so close to a cop before. Or maybe it’s

the way his eyes pierce through me like he knows all my secrets.


His eyes are a delicious shade of green. I make a mental note to put that down

in my notebook.


spent a lot of time in the milk section and I was just curious.” He looks at me

as I continue to put the rest of my items down. Does he remember me? My cheeks

flush more red at the thought.

Shit. I

did forget the milk.


I actually did! I am so sorry, you can go ahead of me. You only have one item

anyway,” I say as I stare at his six-pack of abs…I mean beer.


it’s fine. I can go get it. What kind do you normally get?” He sets his beer

down at the end of the belt.


Just a half-gallon, please. Thank you.” I watch him walk away as I tighten my

legs. What is this guy doing to me? Why the hell did I say non-fat? I usually

take whole milk but I want him to think I’m a tad bit healthy.


that is the finest ass cop I’ve ever seen,” the cashier hums as she puts away

my food.


pay for this too.” I hand her his six-pack of beer.


comes back with the milk just as I’m about to finish paying for everything and

notices I already have his beer on the other end of the register.


didn’t need to do that,” he says genuinely.


my pleasure, really. Take it as a thank you for your service.” I grab all my

new items, leave the beer behind, and walk quickly out the door. Do people even

thank cops for their service or is that just a military thing? All I know is I

need to get out of here because I can’t take this feeling that’s happening in

my panties. Thank God I wore jeans.

I hear

footsteps catch up behind me.


can I repay you somehow? Maybe a drink sometime?” he says as he lifts his new



appreciate the offer but I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Hoping he takes the

hint, I turn back around and head home.


can I at least get your number. Or a name?” He is very persistent.


is my name. And…no. I don’t mean to be rude, Officer…Gaines. But I really have

to go.” I take my eyes off his chest where his name badge is and change my walk

to a slow jog. My heart starts to panic. Knowing his last name gives me sweet

shivers. Why the hell did I just say no to giving my number to a hot cop? Ariel

would be proud though, she would never want me dating a cop. I don’t need that

kind of distraction in my life anyway. I just need to focus on my book. Or

looking for a real job. I just got out of a messy relationship and the last

thing I need is to get into another one.

Once I

get to the apartment, Ariel helps unload the few bags of groceries I set on the



you blushing?” She always gets excited when it comes to my love life.

“No,” I

lie. “It’s just hot out there.”


is this crap?” She points to the non-fat milk.


they were out of whole milk,” I lie, not really wanting to talk about the scene

at the grocery store.

I go to

my notebook and write down my new notes before I start typing my story.


forgot to tell you last night, I’ve got some good news!” Ariel sits on the

windowsill next to the desk. “The strip club is hiring and I can put in a good

word for you. With your good looks you are pretty much set to get in.”


don’t know.” I never thought I would ever be a stripper. I’ve thought about

writing a couple stories that involved them but never considered becoming one

in real life.


me, it’s not what you think. You can set your own rules and limitations there.

You don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Plus you make bank. At

least let me set you up with an interview,” Ariel pleas.


would be nice not having to slug around with rent anymore. I would love to have

a paying job again. That would take a lot of pressure off of me with writing

this damn book.


you would have killer inspiration for your book. You could feature a stripper.

Maybe even do an entire book about me!” Ariel laughs at the thought and I join

her. She would make quite an interesting story. She makes a good point though.

Even if I were to work there it’d only be for a little bit, just until I find

something more stable. She did say I could make my own rules and limitations.

How hard could it be?


really think I could dance well on a pole?” I ask timidly.


would be a natural. With your body you won’t have to do much to please them.

What are you, a D cup?” She pokes around my breasts.


okay! Just stop poking me!” I laugh at the thought of how close we’ve become in

such a short amount of time, and also her knowledge of my breast size.


Your interview is tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.”


you already set up an interview for me?” I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked.

This sounds like a typical thing she would do.


You can thank me later. Maybe tonight I can show you a few moves the boss likes

to see.” Ariel starts to move her legs upwards while shaking her big ass.

“Oh my

God. I am so screwed.” She can tell by the horrified look on my face that I

will need a lot of prep tonight. She laughs and says I’ll be fine. She goes

back into her room and there’s finally hope for getting some writing done.

As I

sit staring at my laptop, all my thoughts lead back to the grocery store.

Fuck. I

should have given him my number.






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Liv Moore

Liv Moore

is a contemporary romance author with her debut novel to release Summer 2017.

She writes books because it’s her passion and her outlet when life gets tough.

She is very thankful for all her followers and readers supporting her crazy

writing! #LivMooreReadMore






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