Book Review – Sin and Cider by K. Reese


** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

A debut novel from this author, and what can I say…..I have so much love for this novel. Simply magical.

We meet MacIntosh aka Mac.
Living in Chicago with her best friend CC, life is good for her.
But her job, not so much.
Feeling underappreciated, Mac makes the decision to go home for the summer.
Home being Tennessee.
She needs to rediscover herself.
But how can she knowing she is going back home to the man that sent her away to begin with?

We meet Lawson.
Born and bred in Tennessee, life is great for Lawson.
Loves his work, his home town.
And is very much single.
Lawson doesn’t want a relationship with anyone.
He’s happy for one night with no repeats.
But Mac’s return has left him confused.
How after 6 years can she evoke these feelings from him?

Welcome to Mac and Lawson’s world……

Guys this is a brilliant read. I am seriously lost for words. Such a beautifully written, detailed, heartfelt read that I couldn’t put down. A novel stripped back from any sort of glitz and glamour, a novel that for me (without sounding insulting) that was stripped back from any unnecessary situations or scenarios. A novel that had such purity and innocence to it, I couldn’t help but be drawn to every page. Don’t get me wrong it’s all things sinful and deliciously naughty, but overall a breathtaking story about opening your heart and soul and trust that you won’t be broken.  

A brilliant debut novel from this author. I cannot wait for what the author has installed for us next.

5 stars.

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