Book Review – Deleting History by Hanleigh Bradley


** Review by Kylie from Bloggers From Down Under **

Having read and reviewed Hanleigh’s first book in this series, Repeating History, I couldn’t wait to continue Andrew and Clara’s story. Real life kind of got in the way, but finally late last night I was able to pick up this instalment and let my mind enter the lives of these two again.

And I was not disappointed. While telling myself, one more chapter then I’m going to sleep, the wee hours of this morning saw this book done and dusted.

My simple act of reviewing this baby is almost tearing me in two, because I know it’s nearly the end, and I’m pretty sure I’m not ready for that. I know I’m going to have a serious book hangover, and as any avid reader knows, that’s not fun…….

Andrew and Clara are facing their toughest battle yet. Secrets from their pasts are about to be revealed, and it will either force them a part for good, or it will make them see just how strong their love is.

“It might be better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, but by God that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice it so willingly.
It’s better to keep it. Fight for it. Own it. If you lose it, you lose it because you had no choice not because you gave up at the first obstacle”

A simple lesson we all should learn.

Fantastic 5/5

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