Book Review – Saved (A Harris Tower Novel) by Cara Downey


** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Okay this review is a little hard for me because as a reader/blogger there is nothing worse than having to write a review for a novel that you just couldn’t connect to.

This novel for me was written well, but based on the subject matter, to me it felt quite rushed. I would have loved for the author to have delved more into Shevron’s past. For me it felt skimmed through and it was hard to feel any emotion, especially based on the subject at hand.

Insta-love. I have read many a novel based around this, and yes I don’t mind them at all. But the struggle for me in this case was due to Shevron’s past and the ordeal as a child and into teenage-hood that she had faced.  For me it was an unbelievable scenario that a woman who had been through so much trauma in her life would ultimately fall head over heels for a man she knew nothing about. It just didn’t convince me at all.

I will say the epilogue did pique my interest. Written perfectly it left me wanting to know what happens next.

Overall I think the storyline was great especially when reading the blurb, it just simply wasn’t for me.

3 stars

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