Book Review – One-Night Stand-In by T. Gephart


** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

As they say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”….Right?
Well for Sarah and Kyle…..Their secret will be out.

A one night stand in. That’s all is what supposed to be.
Jilted two days before her wedding, Sarah still goes ahead with her plan to go to Vegas, wear her dress and hopefully get fake married.
And that’s exactly what she did.
One night of amazing naughtiness with the hunk of man Kyle, they go their separate ways. Ni strings attached.

But Sarah is in for a rude awakening. Six months on she is vying for a promotion that she rightly deserves. Yes she lacks some experience, but she’s got this. 
But her bosses have other plans.
She is giving the job, but it’s to be shared with someone coming from Chicago.
But what Sarah never in her wildest dreams banked on, the her one night stand in Kyle would walk straight into the shared position.
Yep that’s right guys, welcome to the world of Sarah and Kyle.

What a brilliant novella. Fun loving, sinfully delicious, witty and all this arrogant and charming, One-Night Stand-In had it all. 

Kyle. What a cocky, self assured piece of work. But man did I fall head over heels for the guy. 
And Sarah. What a firecracker, with a sassy mouth and a great attitude.

Loved, loved, loved this novella. T. Gephart is a genius. I can’t rate this short, comical and naughty novella high enough.

5 stars 

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