Book Review – Wrecked by Jeannine Colette


**Received for honest review**

**Reviewed by Mel from Bloggers From Down Under**

Your life was flipped upside down at a young age.

The love of your life.

The one that was your first kiss.

Your first love.

Your first partner.

Your first sexual partner.

On the same day you loose your best friend.

The one you turn to.

The one that is taught you to play basketball.

The one you were falling for.

You loose your boyfriend and his best friend you were falling for.

For 7 years you see your best friend but cant talk to him, he hates you, he called you a whore, hee blames you.

Leah is now 23 years old she loves her job she works hard and plays harder at the bar she is saving every penny she earns to buy.

She sassy, flirty, funny, sexy, caring and loves her family to death, but the one man who she wants she cant have.

Adam is now a police officer he decided not to follow his dream of becoming an architect and become a police officer to hunt down drug dealers after his best friend died because of drugs. Brad.

After an accident Leah is strikes a deal to do community service little did she realize she would have to deal with Adam for 100 hours of it.

At the start there is a lot of tension as the 2 haven’t spoken for 7 years the just exist in the same town together with him dropping in the by every night to check on it but little does Leah know he is actually checking on her and making sure she is ok as he has done for many years.

After dancing around each other for a bit they finally come to realize there love for one another but must keep it on the down low due to Adams job for the time being until tragedy strikes them both with a vicious attack on Leah and a near death experience for Adam.

I really enjoyed this book I’m not sure if i was just getting impatient or if it took forever for them to get together but its a beautiful heart breaking tragic story of 2 people finding love within each other after years.

I must say the ending had me laughing my arse off my husband thought I was friggin crazy!! Go Matthew Mcconaughey!!

4 Stars

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