New Release – Karma: A Silke Butters Novel by Cynthia Vespia

Karma: A Silke Butters Novel

by Cynthia Vespia

New Release

A mask, a makeup brush, and amazing powers. It’s all in a days work for supermodel turned superhero, Karma.
Silke Butters lived within the glitz and glamour of the modeling world, until the day that world was turned upside down. Suddenly embodied with superpowers, she finds herself thrust into a world of heroes and villains, each enhanced with powers of their own. As Silke’s powers begin to grow she finds herself caught in the middle of a tug-of-war between both a subdivision of the U.S. government known as Shadow Company, and a ruthless terrorist organization known as The Sin Squad. Both entities want the “enhanced” for their respective teams with Silke as the main prize. To disguise her famous face, and protect those that she loves, Silke invents an alter ego. Karma is born of necessity to decide the fate of those who are ill-intentioned and empower others with hope. With the help of her former flame Joe Riggs, and her computer hacker friend Maki, Silke develops a heroes call-to-action to battle the dark force that threatens to annihilate humanity. Karma, the 1st in a 5 part series, blends the over-the-top punch of popular comic book stories, with the literary nuance of an urban fantasy novel. A genre-blending roller coaster ride, Karma will delight both superhero fans and fantasy readers alike.

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About the Author:
Cynthia Vespia “The
Original Cyn” writes speculative fiction that encompasses fantasy, the
paranormal, and magic realism. Her characters are rich with detail and
fabulously flawed which breathes life into them with a realism readers can
identify with. Cynthia’s creative worlds are an amalgamation of many different
genres which offers a cross-over appeal. Her novels are emotionally engaging,
leaving hearts pounding and pages turning. She has been nominated for a
“Best in Series” award for her fantasy trilogy 
Demon Hunter.
She has also turned her
creative energy into Original Cyn Creative Services, an award-winning copy, design, and
video source for the development of promotional content. With over a
decade of experience her background has included feature writing for a variety
of publications; web design; national marketing and promotional campaigns via
print and copy; script writing; video trailers and montages for authors and
entrepreneurs. Her creative work has won awards for “Most Artistic
Demon Hunter 2: Seek & Destroy; “Best Video”
Bloodlines; “Honorable Mention” for Anti-Bullying Campaign, and a
nomination for “Best Cover Design” 
Demon Huntress: Destiny Unleashed.
During her downtime she enjoys
getting lost in a good book or movie, and keeping active through martial arts
and weight training. 
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