Our Book Review – My Dirty Boss by Elaine May

Front Cover

** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Okay, okay. So I am HUGE fan of Elaine May. I have read everything that she has written and I’ve loved every novel. She writes with such depth and beauty that it completely captures your heart every single time.

So you can imagine my surprise to even consider the idea that Elaine could write a novel of this calibre.
People this is all out dirty. It’s deliciously dirty and wickedly filthy…..And I loved absolutely every minute of it.

We meet Beth.

She’s in love.
Her man Peter is everything she could have hoped for.
High school sweethearts, they were each others soul mate.
So much so that Beth moved to Amsterdam for him.
She could adjust to the move, so long as she had Peter by her side.
He was her rock, her best friend, her everything.
But in a split second, Beths world was shattered.
Her heart ripped to pieces.
The grief, absolutely crippling.
So Beth ran, ran back home to her family.

Now living with her sister Beth has sworn off all men. She wants to concentrate on herself. Learn to heal from the heartache.
She gets a job at a toy store.
She enjoys it.
She can’t wait until opening day.
But she has to meet her boss.
Her very dark, sexy and dangerous boss Daniel.

We meet Daniel.
He’s strong, independant, drool worthy. He’s sin on legs, the devil.
Every woman wants him.
He knows it, but relationships are not his thing.
He takes what he wants from one, then moves on to the other.
He likes it that way.
That is until he meets his employee, beautiful and innocent Beth.

Welcome to Beth and Daniels world.
A world of sin and lust.
A world of all things taboo.
A world where limits are pushed.
A world where secrets are revealed and emotions layed out.
A world of two opposites with so much in common.

Beth will be Daniels game changer.
Daniel will be Beths game changer.
And it’s explosive.

Guys I seriously cannot recommend this novel high enough. It’s dark, edgy, sinfully delicious and downright dirty. It’s perfection.

A must read.

5 stars.

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