Book Review – One Step Closer by Kahlen Aymes


** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

I am going to admit that this review is a struggle for me…..Yes guys the struggle is real. 

I am a huge fan of step sibling relationships. Why I have no idea, but I know they aren’t for everyone, but for me they are draw card for me when wanting to review a novel.

One Step Closer…..I had such a love/hate relationship with this novel.
Please let me explain why….

Caleb. I absolutely loved Caleb. A soul so destroyed by the lack of love he received as a child from his father, Caleb was shut off from the world. So hearing of his father’s passing was nothing more than an inconvenience to him than anything else. 
But what it did do was resurface his painful past at the hands of his father and wicked step mother.
It also surfaced memories of Wren. His step sister, who Caleb made sure was always protected from the evil clutches of her mother.
He swore that Wren would always be looked after, even after Caleb was gone. 
His love grew for Wren, but he knew it could never be anything else. They were step siblings after all. 

Wren. I simply adored her. A beautiful girl that was damaged at the hands of her mother. Her only saviour in life was Caleb, her step brother.  
As she grew, Wren soon found that the love she had for Caleb wasn’t a sibling one, but one of pure love. But he was unattainable. One night was all she got. One night was all they shared. And it was magical.

But it was in that one night that changed Caleb and Wren’s relationship.
That one night created distance between them.
But the love they shared never stopped.

So now with Caleb’s fathers passing, Caleb and Wren are now brought to the present. 
And so begins their story which holds so much emotion, torment, pain, hurt, trust and love that you can feel throughout the whole novel. 

But my struggle/and or hate and only real struggle/hate with this novel was based on the fact that it was written in third person. I found myself at times losing track of what was going on, and I found that for me is disrupted the flow of the novel. I found myself going back a few times to make sure I was understanding what I was reading and what was happening next. 
But please be mindful it was a personal struggle of mine, and in no way would I suggest anyone not to read it.

Overall I did enjoy One Step Closer and I highly recommend it for those who are a lover of all things step siblings. 
A great read.

4 stars.

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