Phantom By Michelle Irwin


**Received for Honest review By Mel from Bloggers From Down Under**

Phantom what can I say a book jam packed and yet beautifully heart breaking yet pure and joyful.

“I give to you every day of my future . The good and the bad. I lay them all in your hands.

Phantom continues where Physis left we are with Phoebe and Beau as there working on their relationship Beau is learning Phoebe’s triggers and helping her with her getting through every day.

You proved to me that love can be patient . That it can heal and fix the broken parts.

At the start, Phoebe is trying to get back into racing with Beau on the comms helping her through the races, then we have a dramatic turn of events which sees Phoebe being forced out of the car and into early retirement due to her health issues.

If I couldn’t have it all, I didn’t want anything.

After some life, changing decision Phoebe decides it’s time to start taking control of her life and that she isn’t going to let them win even with her triggers she is starting to make great progress even when some days are bad she tries to push through to get to the end. Every day is a new day and Phoebe takes leaps and bounds and it’s such a beautiful thing to read. Even when she has the odds stacked against her the Reede gene comes out to keep her going and show her just how strong she really is!!

So much happens in this book we couldn’t go into detail as its better to just read it, it will not disappoint!!

My life was no longer my own because it belonged to you

Michelle never seems to amaze me with her writing style and skill, the journey we are taken on makes us believe we are there along with the characters feeling what the feel falling in love alongside them sharing the joys, there triumphs the heart ache their sorrow and the pain it takes us deep into their world.

Thank you for another amazing read.

5 Massive stars


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