Book Review – The Red by Tiffany Reisz


**Received for honest review**

**Reviewed by Mel from Blogger From Down Under**

When I got the email about this little beauty I was all over it like a rash, this author is one of my favorite authors of all time not just because her books are erotic but the way Tiffany writes she takes you to another world and puts you right there in the book and when you’re in some of those moments the take your breath away or either make you hold your breath.

If you’re a original sinners fan you will love this book. Have you ever wondered what the book Nora was writing was about?

Well now you have a chance to read what Nora was writing about.

And well to be honest who the hell wouldn’t want to know what she was writing.

Moana, a daughter of a I would say an Eccentric woman she was a bit out there free spirited, very forthcoming. She loved her art she lived and breathed her art gallery and there are some stories that go along with how she came up with the name of the gallery and how she obtained some art pieces

Moana’s life took a drastic change when her mother passed away from cancer. Moana had to somehow try and keep the gallery open and running as well as pay for her mother’s medical bills. Moana’s mothers dying wish was that the Gallery keep going at any cost no matter what happened or what she did or had to do the gallery must stay open, so that’s what Moana did she was going to keep the gallery open at any cost.

One night Moana was working late trying to find a way to keep the gallery going when she seen a man standing in the gallery to say she was surprised was an understatement it was late very late and the gallery had been closed for hours.

The handsome man standing in the gallery seem to know a lot not only about art but about Moana and her situation that’s when an offer was placed on the table.

Can Moana give her body to save The Red?

After a few encounters with this mysterious man and so many art scenes played out Moana is very addicted to this man.

How many more scenes can be played out?

Once again Tiffany Reisz did not disappoint, this book isn’t for the faint hearted if you’re a fan you will love it if you’re not you need to check this author out but you must also read the original sinners series first in order to understand this book.

I absolutely loved this book thank you Tiffany for giving us another incredible read!

5 stars!!


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