Book Review – Something So Perfect by Natasha Madison


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

I absolutely love Natasha Madison, so when this landed in my kindle I couldn’t pick it up quick enough, because after all Natasha writes perfection.

And Something So Perfect….Yep you got it…Absolute perfection.

We meet Matthew.
He’s been at the top.
Number one hockey player.
But with that came partying, booze and women.
Living the dream at the top.
But it all crumbled.
Too much partying.
Too much booze.
Too many women.
The only place Matthew had to go was rock bottom.
And that’s where he ended up.

So the chance to play the sport he loves, for one year, contracted of course lands in his lap.
Matthew wants it.
This is his chance to climb back to the top.
But it comes with a condition.
A chaperone.
The chaperone with stay with him, attend all games, make sure Matthew stays in line.

Easy, right?


Because Matthews chaperone is the ultimate temptation.
She’s stunning, sassy and all things beautiful.
She’s everything Matthew needs to stay away from.

But to play hockey, he has to suck it up.

God help him…..Because Karrie is coming.

Welcome to Matthew and Karries world.

Guys what a read. Loved, loved, loved it.
Action packed and sinfully delicious.
Fun-loving, humorous, at times downright hilarious.
Heart-breaking, heart-warming, raw and pure.
It was everything any reader could ask for and so much more.
I instantly fell in love with Matthew. So self assured, but his vulnerability was heart melting.
Karrie. What a firecracker. Smart, sassy and simply beautiful.
Put these two together….Explosive is what you get.

I cannot recommend this novel high enough.
Natasha Madison, you have done it again.

Just brilliant.

5 stars.

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