Book Review – The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas


**Received for honest review**
**Reviewed By Mel from Bloggers From Down Under**

I have been sitting on this review for a few days now trying to work out how to write this review. Should I just keep it just about the book, should I divulge information with personal experience or should I keep it simple? My answer came to me very easily. When we started our blog three years ago we always said we would be totally honest and keep it real so that’s what I will do!!

 When I received the sign up for The Forbidden it was seriously a no brainer, it’s Jodi. We love her and everything she writes. Little did I realise I would be taken to a place that was way too close for comfort. Never did I realise that lots of my own experiences would resurface. Never did I realise that my own personal grief would come back with vengeance, the hurt, the pain, the trauma. But in saying that did I love this book? Absolutely YES and why? Because I saw things from an unfamiliar perspective. It was raw, it was emotional, it was painful, it was beautiful. This is the first time a book has made me tear up in nearly twelve months. Actually this is probably one of the only books I have 5 starred in months, and why? Because I wasn’t feeling anything with any book due to my personal experience. My broken button was broken no matter what I read, how dark or how horrific it was it didn’t do anything until The Forbidden!!

“If I ever lay eyes on you again, Annie, I can’t promise I’ll do what’s best and walk away next time.”

Annie, young, funny, sexy, focused. Annie is a hard worker. She has recently started her own business as an architect. She has worked very hard to get to where she is and doesn’t have time for much of a social life. She has her few close friends but she works every chance she can get. Boyfriends? What are they? Something Annie doesn’t have time for. She doesn’t want the hassle, she wants to succeed in her business and nothing will stop her from getting to where she needs to be, plus no one has swept her off her feet. She has never had that surge of electricity between her and another male and she won’t settle for anything other than that spark and chemistry. Sure she has her little fun on the side, but rarely.

One night out with her best friends Annie comes across Jack, the man that is about to flip her world.

Jack is a young 35-year-old who is currently married to a woman who he doesn’t love, a woman that is abusive, a woman that is needy, a woman that is out of her mind crazy, a woman that loves to drink.

So why doesn’t he just leave?

He has tried, and let’s just say it didn’t go down well.

Jack heads into a bar, he needs a drink, he needs to escape his reality for a bit. He needs to forget his home life and unwind.

Then they meet.

“If I ever lay eyes on you again, Annie, I can’t promise I’ll do what’s best and walk away next time.”

There’s sparks.
There’s chemistry.
There’s attraction.
One night of passion.
One night of pure bliss.
Adultery is committed.

“I fucked a fucking stranger.”

Annie leaves before he wakes. She believes it’s just for one night never to cross paths again but there is a problem. She can’t get him out of her mind. Annie keeps replaying their night together repeatedly in her head.

What happens when you come face to face with the one man that gave you spark, the one man you had chemistry with, the one man who set your world alight?

What happens when you come face to face with his wife?

“He’s seen me at my weakest. I’ve seen him at his. Yet together we’re probably stronger than ever.”

Annie’s world just got flipped upside down when she comes face to face with the man that she committed adultery with?

Can they keep it a secret?
What happens when they must work together on the same project?

Annie fights the temptation of Jack for as long as she can,. She’s not that person, she doesn’t want to be the other woman, she doesn’t believe in sleeping with married men.

The attraction is to great.
She gives in.

“I stare into the gray eyes of a man who was forbidden. A man who should never have been touched. A man who wasn’t mine.”

Will Jack leave his wife or will Annie stay as the other woman?

“My pulse, my heartbeat, my breath. Everything.”

Do you believe in karma? I personally do.

Was what Jack and Annie went through karma coming back for what they did? Or is it just one of those things?

“My sanctuary. My haven. My home.”

As I said earlier I loved this book. It brought me to tears. It took me on a journey of love, passion and fate. Some parts were painful to read, some parts where hot as hell but overall this was an amazing read. A very different read from the books we are used to from Jodi but it was brilliant. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. This is a definite must-read book that will leave you breathless and with a major book hangover!!

“I’ll hold your hand if you hold mine,”

5  massive stars

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