Book Review – Ghostface Killer – Author: M. Never


Title: Ghostface Killer

Author: M. Never

Release Date: September 5th 2017

Reviewed By: Mel


When this sign up came up for this author I
was all in no matter what the book was, I love the writing style of this author
and the way she can captivate my attention and throw me head first into a book.
To say the genre was up my alley was an understatement, there is nothing better
than a great author with the genre you love and then to see it sitting in my
kindle I skipped all the way to my couch to get comfy as I was knew I would be
in for the long haul.

it comes; let it. If it goes; let it . . . Don’t be attached and you’ll find

14 years old living on the streets, thrown
around from foster care to foster care, both your parents are dead. This was
Stevie’s life her story until he came along and asked her how much her life was

“How much is you’re life worth”?

What would you say?

Does life have a price?

A net worth?

Is it something you can bargain with?

Is it something your will to give up?

After living with the man that raised you
for 10 years, loved you, feed you, clothed you, trained you, conditioned you,
you become loyal, you become that kind of loyalty will never be broken until
you fall in love.

Stevie was sent on a kill she has a 100%
strike rate a success rate shes the best of the best they don’t even see her
coming the don’t even know who she is that’s why they call her ghostface.

Stevie falls hard and fast for her next kill
she has never felt that with anyone and sure she has had lots of sex but that’s
paid sex there paid to do what she wants them to do so she doesn’t have any
connection or ties with anyone but that all falls apart when she meets her soul
mate the one that touches her and there is electricity, chemistry, passion.

YOU ARE MY quiet.

3 months later you come face to face with
him after you failed to get the job done and kill him.

What do you do when the tables have turned?

The person you fell for isn’t the person you
thought he was.

A baby.

The Mafia.

Family at war.

A dead husband.

Dead guards.

“I’m your kill, Stevie, and you are my quiet.”

Where will stevies loyalties lie?

I really don’t want to go into detail with
this book it will give to much away and it’s just a must read book, it drags
you in spins everything you thought you knew out the window and the throws you
upside hanging by your feet when you turn the next page.

As always M. Never never disappoints her
writing style in unique and fast pace. Thank you for another amazing read!!


5 massive stars


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