Book Review – Sepulture (Mortuary #2) – Cherry Shephard

Cherry Shephard

** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

WHAT IN THE ACTUAL (inserts a hugely used profanity) DID I JUST READ.

After reading Entombed which was the first novel in this series, which by the way was as twisted as twisted could get, Cherry Shephard has completely blown twisted out of the water with Sepulture.


Sepulture starts where Entombed left off, with the lovely Shy again being all kinds of psychotic. 
Killing Angelo was ALWAYS on the agenda for Shy, and she made sure she succeeded.  

And Gabriel. Gabe. The one who has no soul who seeks revenge for his wife’s killing……He’s now a prisoner. Locked in a cage. 

And it’s Sky that holds to the key.

Will she ever let Gabe out?
Why is Sky keeping him locked away?
What are her motives?
Will she save Gabe, or will it be Gabe’s ending?

And Tony and Mack.
What are they hiding?
What secrets do they hold?

Guys I can’t tell you how twisted, tormenting, gut wrenching, raw, gritty and gruesome Sepulture is, and I couldn’t get enough. It completely drew me in and consumed my every thought. Mind manipulation at it’s finest. I absolutely loved it.


Bravo Cherry Shephard, you did what I am assuming you set out to do……Torment the hell out of my mind and soul!!


5 stars.



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