Book Review – Caged by Clarissa Wild


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Guys……I am at a complete loss here.
I have no idea what to write, what to say.
How do I even start a review when even after putting this novel down, breathing is hard and my very soul has been touched in a way that words just simply seem useless.
But I know that I need to give you guys something……
So here it goes……..

Reading both Caged and Uncaged being released for a limited time, I cannot express to you how much these novels impacted me not only psychologically, but emotionally. 

In brief we meet Cage.
Held captive his whole life, all that surrounds him is cold concrete and glass. 
Held prisoner by the one person that Cage trusts unconditionally. 
It’s all Cage knows.
The outside world doesn’t exist in Cage’s life.
No color, no ocean, no blue sky.
Just sterile walls.
Cage will obey to anything, no matter the consequence, he doesn’t know any different.
But there is one thing he wants.
No there is one thing he needs.
And he will have it, no matter the cost.
He will have her no matter the cost.

Her name…….Ella.

Welcome to Cage and Ella’s world. 
A world so dark that light is simply unobtainable. 
A world of torture that pain becomes normal living.
A world of starvation and thirst that it’s hard to think.
A world of depravity.
A world of torment both emotionally and psychologically. 
A world where hope just simply doesn’t exist. 

But does it?
Can hope be found?
Can trust be given?
Can freedom be obtained?

Guys these novels simply broke me. My heart ached from beginning to end. The ache I felt took my breath away. At times it left me feeling completely empty, but on the other side of the emptiness it left me feeling at peace with a calmness that I can’t describe.
Cage my heart was with you from the very start, and you will stay with me always.
Ella, I have nothing but love for you.
To Clarissa…..Thank you for sharing their story with us. 

And i’ll end my review by asking people this….

Have you ever stopped just to look at the color of the grass, stood on it with bare feet?
Have you ever stopped what you were doing to just look up into the sky?
Have you ever just stood in the rain and felt every drop touch your skin?
You should, because you never know when it will be taken from you.

A HUGE 5 star read.

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