Book Review – Derek (Hunter PI and Security #1) – Sharon Cummin


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

We meet Derek.
Life is amazing for Derek.
Married to a wonderful woman that not only makes his heart full but his life complete.
He has everything that all we want in life.
The home.
The perfect marriage.
Now a baby along the way.
Derek couldn’t be any more happier.

But in a blink of an eye everything in Derek’s life will be completely shattered.
Everything that he has loved will be ripped from him in the most tragic of ways.
But he has one thing that will keep him going.
There will be one girl that will get him through it all.
And he will do everything in his power to be her strength.

We meet Bridget.
Secrets are deep in her heart.
Afraid of the monsters lurking and tormenting her every thought.
She finds solace and comfort in Gabe.
Just as she is finding her happy, again Bridget is faced with tragedy.
Again she is faced with complete heartbreak.
But she has one little boy that will get her through it all.
And she will do anything in her power to be his strength.

Two people, so completely different, but with so much in common.
What happens when Derek and Bridget’s worlds collide?

This is their story.
This is their voice.

As much as I did enjoy this novel, I have to admit that for me personally it didn’t pull anything from me emotionally. I tried to connect to the characters in this novel and their struggles but I just couldn’t find that emotional attachment to them. 
I did fall in love with sweet Jenny who took my breath away with her innocence and her beautiful soul, but I struggled with everyone else.
Quite a detailed read, at times I found myself re-reading parts trying to grasp some understanding of the topic at hand, sometimes getting lost and confused with the switching of characters. Once I found my understanding of it then it flowed quite well.

A read for those who love a great thriller with a touch of naughtiness.

I wish Sharon the best of luck with the next in the series.

3 stars 

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