Book Review – Without Truth (Babylon MC, #3) by Victoria L. James and L.J. Stock


** Provided on behalf of the authors for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

The Babylon Series by these two amazing ladies has had my heart from the very beginning. The Hounds Of Babylon men and the beautiful Ayda captured me from the very first novel. Without Consequence was amazing (first in the series), Without Mercy (second in the series) blew my mind, but this, Without Truth has completely crushed my heart and soul and I have no idea what to say……I am broken and I loved every minute of it. 

Again we are taken on a journey that’s raw, gritty, highly confronting, breathtakingly beautiful and heartbreaking at the highest of levels. 

Drew and Ayda have been through hell and all they want is a little slice of peace to heal from the torture that they both had to endure at the hands of evil. 
It’s not to much to ask right?

But what they both don’t realize is that evil is again about to strike, and it’s going to affect them all. The monsters are about to return and this time they will take from the Hounds Of Babylon. 
Drew will do everything in his power to keep his men safe.
Drew will do everything in his power to keep Ayda safe.
But at what cost?

And what secrets will be revealed?
Who will survive, and who will ultimately lose their life?
Will they have to say goodbye to someone they love?
Will The Hounds and their beloved Ayda survive?

A gripping read that has left me all kinds of emotional. My heart splintered and the tears flowed. Such a powerful read.
Drew and Ayda……You both have my heart. I love you guys!!

To Victoria and L.J…..Girls I don’t know what to say to either of you.
You have both shattered my world, turned it upside down and I want more.
You girls have delivered perfection. Well done ladies.

5 HUGE stars

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