Book Review – A Life Less Broken by Margaret McHeyzer


** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

A huge fan of Margaret McHeyzer I have been wanting to read A Life Less Broken for quite some time, but just hadn’t gotten to it. That is until now. 

Margaret for me is an extremely unique author who isn’t afraid to give emotional and highly confronting subject matters a voice. She treats each subject matter with such respect and dignity that every time I pick up a novel from her I know I am going to get something that will take my breath away.

But with A Life Less Broken….It crushed my soul.

Such a heartbreaking story about a young woman who is kidnapped and brutalized by the hands of monsters. Death was supposed to come, but it never did, her will to survive too strong.

Move forward three years we are taken on her journey still struggling with the demons that plague her mind daily. Her will to survive is gone. We witness what life is like for a woman who’s world is so dark that she never leaves her home. We witness what life is like for a woman with no mirrors, no outside connections, nothing, just a prisoner in her own home. We are taken on her life journey about trying to heal, trying to find color in a dark and clouded world, trying to find hope when hope just doesn’t exist. We are taken on her journey of self worth, self hate and the need to breathe without fear. 

This is a story about survival.

This is Allyn’s voice.

Guys I cannot rate this novel high enough. Again as I said earlier the subject matter in the novel is highly confronting, but needs to be read. It’s raw, gritty, heartbreaking,
gut-wrenching and highly emotional to the point of tears, but this is real life and it needs to be heard. It needs to be recognized because it happens daily in the world we live in. A powerful read that should never be ignored. 

To Margaret. Thank you so very much for giving us yet another read that completely captured my heart and soul. A Life Less Broken will stay with me always.

5 stars

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