Book Review – It Ends with Us – Colleen Hoover


** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

I had heard so much about this novel so reading it was a must for me, it has just taken this long for me to pick it up.

I’m finished and I am a little unsure what to say.

In this heartbreaking, highly confronting novel we meet Lily. A childhood tarnished by domestic abuse at the hands of her father, the only sanity Lily has in her life is that of a homeless boy Atlas who lives in the abandoned house next door. With time the pair become inseparable and the bond they share is unique. But it’s a secret relationship, because if Lily’s father ever found out blood would be spilled.  And that is the last thing that Lily wants. She wants to protect her Atlas and the scars that run deep in his soul. 
But one defining moment will change their course. Her father will change everything. 
But Lily and Atlas promise that even if they are apart they will find each other again.

Years on, Lily has moved to Boston. With her father gone she takes comfort in knowing her mother is safe. She is now free to spread her wings and live her dream. Very single and loving life a chance encounter with a hot, sinfully delicious neurosurgeon Ryle is all it takes to turn Lily’s world upside down.

But it isn’t what you think.
On the surface things are great, but what happens when the doors are closed?
What hell does Lily find herself in?
Her present is colliding with her past?
Can she escape?
And can Atlas help her get out?

Guys this for me personally was an extremely hard novel to read. I had no idea going into this novel what it was about and I must say it took me by surprise.
But what I absolutely commend Colleen Hoover on is giving this particular subject a voice. As hard and all as it was for me to digest for my own personal reasons, it was a beautifully written, detailed read with so much depth that I couldn’t put it down. Such a beautiful novel that shouldn’t be missed.  A bittersweet novel that left me breathless.

5 stars

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