Book Review – Pretty New Doll (Pretty Little Dolls #3) by Ker Dukey and K. Webster


** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

I am literally lost for words people.
How is it that these two authors could possibly get any more twisted than what they already have in this series?
I have literally no idea either, but they have and I have been completely blown away.

Jade and Dillon are living life after ruining Benny, the monster that took Jade as a young teenage girl and then again as an adult. His infatuation with her so intense Benny would stop at nothing to have his ‘dirty little doll’.
But Jade and Dillon can finally rest. Benny burned with the house that held so much torment and pain is never to return.
Jade and Dillon can now live in peace healing from the memories that once plagued their souls.

But they have no idea that Benny is about to return.
Benny is lurking ready to take what he has always wanted.
His ‘dirty little doll’.

But something changes. Benny is about to see a ghost from his past. A girl so dear to him that Jade is a distant memory. All Benny can focus on now is taking his new doll and making her his. She is stunning, beautiful and she will be his, she just doesn’t know it yet.

Who could it possibly be?
Who now holds Benny’s fascination?
Who is the girl that Benny so desperately needs?
Will Benny finally get what he desires, or is she simply unattainable?
And what about Jade and Dillon?
How do they fit in?
Can they save the innocence of this beautiful girl before it’s too late?
Who is she?

Guys this novel is nothing short of absolute sadistic and twisted. Again we are faced with Benny and his overwhelming need to have his dolly. Again the mind games, the stalking, the delusional mind of this man comes to surface in this novel.
But we also see two new players.
Tanner and Lucy.
How do these two fit into this?
What twisted and evil can these two come up with?
What is their motivation?
Put simply….Who are they?

Intrigued….Then you guys need to pick up this novel. I cannot begin to tell you how all consuming this novel is. Again a gruesome, dark, mind altering, psychological, traumatic, gut wrenching and evil read that I know just like me you will not be able to put down.
Like me I know you want to know what happens.
Like me I know you want to know how Benny has resurfaced.
Like me I know you want to know who the new players are.
And like me I know you want to know who the ‘new dolly’ will be.

Perfection. I cannot fault this novel. I cannot wait to soak into the last installment of this mind blowing series.

Bravo to both Ker Dukey and K Webster, you guys created brilliance.

5 stars

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