Book Review – Shattered Perfection (The Perfection Series Book 1) by Heather Guimond


* Review by Kylie form Bloggers From Down Under *

With the subject matter of this book being a somewhat taboo topic, I was pleasantly surprised it flowed so graciously and was so delightfully written. Violence against women, I would imagine, would be tricky to write about, but Heather gives us a story, that quite frankly, tore my heart out, then proceeded to stomp all over it. I purposely left the last chapter of the book until morning, there’s only so much heartbreak one can take before bed!!!

Mimi has finally meet the man of her dreams. The spark between herself and Vance is instant and all consuming. A whirlwind romance, an impromptu trip and a wedding all within months of meeting, have Mimi thinking all her dreams have finally come true.

Then the verbal abuse starts, but not everyday. How can ones words cause so much damage? And the fact that Vance always wakes the next day as if nothing has happened, causes concern for Mimi.

Where has her perfect husband gone? What about all the plans they’ve made? They are now replaced with venomous words and threats to Mimi’s life. The final straw for her is the night Vance physically harms her.

A tragically beautiful story that had me tearfully finishing the book……….eagerly anticipating the continuation of Mimi’s story.


5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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