Book Review – Beautiful Imperfection (The Perfection Series Book 3) by Heather Guimond


** Reviewed by Kylie from Bloggers From Down Under **

Have you ever been on a roller coaster where all you could think about was impending doom? Well buckle yourselves in because you’re in for the ride if your life with this installment of Heather’s Perfection Series.

After the terrifying plane crash at the end of book 2, Mimi finds herself in excruciating pain, laid up in a hospital bed. Her first initial thought turns to James. Is he ok? Was he injured too? The only relief she gets is from the pain meds administered to her.

And so begins the next chapter in Mimi’s life.
A life of addiction and dependancy. Whether it be prescribed or illegally sought drugs, Mimi will try anything to feel that high.

Downward spiralling, she meets bad boy Vince. Her main source of narcotics, her ‘candy man’.

Even though she is fiercely attracted to Vince, she remains loyal to James, who is now deployed overseas.

Things soon change when she pays James a visit. Secrets come out during her stay, and they will have a devastating effect on her life.

Always on the sidelines, is her best friend, Justin. He’s seen and lived through this drug induced behaviour before. But before Mimi vows to get clean, she will have one more terrifying encounter.

Mimi learns a lot about herself in this book. It may be difficult for some to read, with it’s confronting storyline, but I promise you, you will not be disappointed. You may even learn a little about yourselves.

An absolutely mesmerizing series so far. Full of ups and downs, laughter and tears and moments where you’ll be asking WTF!!!


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