Book Review – Shattered Souls (To Love and Serve 1) by Alison Mello

Alison Mello SS 1

** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

This is a first for me by this author. What grabbed my complete attention was the synopsis to this story. After reading it I needed to read this novel hoping that it lived up to the expectations that I had.

What I did get was a heartbreaking story about two people, Keegan and Lexi, both so completely shattered and broken from their pasts that trying to push through to strive for a future is hard. The nightmares for them both torment them on a regular basis. The flash backs are painful. Their pasts constantly in the forefront of their minds.

So what happens when two shattered souls are joined together?
What happens when Keegan and Lexi’s lives collide?
Can two broken people help each other?
Can both Keegan and Lexi help each other with the turmoil and pain that they suffer from?
Can they make a future or will they be forever stuck in the past just simply paddling through life?

A great read that had me intrigued from beginning to end.

I absolutely loved that the main character Lexi was female, a strong woman who comes home from war a shattered soul but finds the courage to fight her demons.

Keegan….What an amazing guy. Broken himself but yet so willing to give himself to Lexi to help her demons, but to also help him with his own.

Overall a powerful read that sheds light on the demons people face after war, the struggles of losing a partner and the turmoil faced with a scarred childhood.

4 stars.

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