Book Review – When Sh*t Gets in the Way ( When Life Gets in the Way: Volume 2 ) by Ines Vieira


*Reviewed by Kylie form Bloggers From Down Under*

Although this book is targeted to a young adult audience, u, a grown woman of 42 years young, didn’t think I was going to mentally survive this book. Yes, it brought back a lot of memories for me, most of them I would rather forget. I too once gave my heart to someone who in the end, only ripped it apart and walked away. But that’s my story to tell. This is Jess and Quaids story.

While the two main characters have a history, it’s not a very pleasant one. And during the long drive back to their home town for school break, their feelings of hatred towards each other is intensified. Or are they??

With the promise of looking out for Jess once they get back to school, Quaid makes it his mission to be wherever she is. And soon enough, they both realize what they have is a once in a lifetime love. A love that totally consumes you. It’s the air you breathe.

But one of them has a secret they are not yet willing to share.

Will this brand new love last past a few months?

My heart broke for both the main characters, so much so, I had to place the book aside for a few days to recompose myself, to see the story until the end.

I loved Ines’ first book in this series, but this installment just went up a notch. This is going to be one great series.


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