Book Review – Hope (The Truth Series Book 6) by Elaine May


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

I have been a HUGE fan of Elaine May for quite some time and have read everything that she has written to date. Elaine has the ability to just simply draw you in and take your breath away. So when Hope fell into my Kindle it was excitement overload and I couldn’t wait to dig into this beauty.

Now here I sit contemplating what to write because Hope has left me completely speechless. 

A raw and gritty read that at times I found myself holding my breath.
A highly confronting and powerful read which shattered my heart and soul.
Such a heartbreaking read that the emotional pull I felt was suffocating.
And such a breathtaking and heartwarming read that it simply took my breath away. 

We meet Hope in this stunning novel. She’s young, carefree and a free spirit. She also comes from wealth. Her family owning one of the biggest companies which she does eventually plan to work at. But first she wants to go to college, study, work and do the normal things that young girls do. She wants to earn her right at the company.
So Hope takes off to do just that, and she does it all with the love of her life Mark.
So in love, Hope is ready to start this new chapter in her life with Mark.  

But in a split second Hope’s world crumbles.
Her happiness is ripped from her and taken away.
The monsters now have her and they have no plans of letting her go.
They will do what they can to break her will, her hope, her mind and soul.
The plan is to ruin her.

Will Hope ever escape the clutches of evil?
Will Hope lose herself completely?
Will they complete the task of taking everything from her?
Will Hope survive?

And Zac, the mystery man.
What is his agenda?
What plans does he have for Hope?
Will he help her or will he be her demise?

Guys I know this is a big call but I have to say that this is the best novel that Elaine May has produced to date. This novel swallowed me whole. It shook my very core. So powerful, full of depth and emotion it was everything I could have possibly asked for in a novel. Sheer perfection that shouldn’t be missed.

Thank you so much Elaine for sharing Hope’s story with me. Her story will stay with me always.

5 stars

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