Book Review – Worth the Risk (Alpha One Book One) by J.B. Heller


** Received on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

I have read a few novels by JB Heller and I have loved every one of them, but I have to be completely honest here….This novel….Worth The Risk for me is the best from JB by far.

In this amazingly steamy, heartbreaking, soul crushing, and breathtaking read we meet Abe and Kalista. Both very different in the way their worlds work. 
Abe owns his own security company after being a marine for years.
Kalista, a young and beautiful socialite, a senator’s daughter. 
Two very different people.
Two very different worlds.
But strangers they will be no longer, when at a wedding their paths cross.
They have chemistry, need and desire for one another. The pull to great to ignore. 
So they allow their need to take them on a night of ultimate sin and all things deliciously naughty, never to see each other again.

Fast forward three months from Abe and Kalista’s steamy one nighter…They are about to be reunited in the unlikeliest of circumstances. 
With a threat to Kailsta’s life, protection is paramount. The only option is to have somebody by her side, twenty four seven, to watch her every move and to make sure that the monsters that keep lurking in the shadows are caught before Kalista becomes their victim. 
And yes you guessed it….Abe is the newly designated bodyguard to Kailsta.

What happens when Abe and Kalista are reunited after three long months?
Is Abe still drawn to Kalista?
How will Kalista react when she knows it’s Abe that will be looking over her shoulder?
Can Abe keep Kalista safe?
Who wants her gone?
What secrets will be revealed?
And who will ultimately lose their life?

Guys what can I say other than this is a brilliant read. From beginning to end I couldn’t put it down. Fast paced, full of suspense, naughty, highly emotional and all things cheeky, Worth The Risk is a read that I was honored to read. The characters in this novel are nothing short of amazing. Abe and Kalista are simply explosive, but also be on the look out for Zak and Ellie, Michael and Will, Daniel and Alec just to name a few. These guys will have you completely hooked.

A absolute brilliant way to start a new year, with a new series by the amazing JB.
Absolute perfection.

5 stars.

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