Wicked Games By Dee Palmer


**Received for honest review**

**Reviewed by Mel from Bloggers From Down Under**

To say I am a massive fan of this author is an understatement, Dee Palmer never lets us down with her amazing writing style and the way she manages to take us on the magical journey with the characters and makes us feel as we are right there with them feeling their love, pain, hurt and sadness. We are taken to that place with them and share their roller coaster of a journey, when an author can take you to that place and you forget everything and everyone around you, you know that it’s a 5 star read and that’s exactly what Dee Palmer does in saying that this book went to a whole new level, it was a different level for this author, just when you don’t think her writing could get any better she knocks it out of the park with a New series!!.

BUT I hate Cliff hangers and this book has a big one!! Thanks Dee NOT!! Lol


So, a little about the Wicked Games……

A housekeeper’s daughter, A boy you have loved since you were only a little girl.

Tia was five years old when she fell in love with Atticus

Have you ever thought that you can see your future?

That it’s at your fingertips?

You can all most taste it?

The love of your life…..

The life you crave…..

The life you want…..

The life you need…..

And then its gone……


Accused of a crime you didn’t commit…..

A crime that you had been framed for….

6 long year….

6 years to think, 6 years to learn, 6 years to plot, 6 long years.

Everyone holds secrets everyone holds a past everyone has a story to tell, to find out about Tia, Logan and Atticus’s erotic, romantic, thrilling suspenseful book you will need to read it to find out.

5 massive stars!!


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