Book Review – Rust (King’s Harlots MC, #6) by J.M. Walker


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

We are again reunited with the clan from both the The King’s Harlots and Vice One, but it’s with a HUGE amount of sadness and an extremely heavy heart….

And why?

Because this is it people….This is the final installment of the Kings Harlots Series….But guys what an ending!!

Creena and Stone. The last two in the series who finally have their voice.

This is their story and it’s one of untamed sexiness, deliciousness and downright dirtiness with a twist of heartbreak, darkness and powerful emotion.

Stone a former marine is living with a dark past. Tragedy that Stone can’t get passed. it gnaws at his soul each and every single day. He will seek revenge on those who hurt him, he just needs to be patient. 

Creena, a trained professional that nobody knows about. The things she did in her past are what nightmares are made of. Guilt consumes her daily. She’s a monster in her own eyes. The darkness is a part of Creena’s soul, but she has no idea how to unleash it. 

Stone and Creena.
Both very much the same, but yet so very different.
Both with secrets.
Both with scars from their pasts.
Both with a darkness that clouds them each and every single day.

So you can only imagine that when Creena and Stone hook up for one drunken night after a wedding that things are going to be…..What would be the best word here???


Guys what an absolute ripper of a read. I honestly couldn’t put it down. Sinfully delicious, powerful, intoxicating….These are a few words that come to mind when reflecting back….Ohh did I forget to say sinfully delicious. No I didn’t, but guys let me tell you this novel is nothing short of panty melting, steamy and as raunchy as any novel can get. Hot, hot, hot I tell you!!

J.M Walker….What can I say….Thank you so much for not only giving us Stone and Creena’s story, but thank you so much for giving us The King’s Harlot’s Series. 
These guys will stay with me for a lifetime. A truly brilliant ending to such a magnificent series.

5 stars.

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