Trusting You (The Sutter Family #2) by Heather D’Agostino


**Received for honest Review**

**Reviewed By Me from Bloggers From Down Under**

Trusting you is a story of secrets, wild ways, second chances and trust.

Mel a beautiful young girl who has a wild past, but trying to overcome her wicked ways and focus on the importance of life, she is trying to keep her head down and push forward and tame her ways, so she can achieve her dreams and be the responsible adult she wants to be.

Aaron, A wild one, loves to party and have fun, can he trade his parting days and be what Melinda needs him to be, can this wild boy be tamed? Or will the player always play?

Mel really struggles with letting anyone in she doesn’t want her past to haunt her future she doesn’t want her secretes to be divulged into her future. Aaron is persistent and continuously keeps pushing with Mel, when he knows what he wants he will keep going until he has her.

We loved watching this slow process of Mel come out of her shell and really open up to Aaron and watching them blossom into their own characters along with a lot of heart ache on the way.

Well done Heather for a delightful read this book draws you in and holds you captive till the very last page.

4 stars

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