Book Review – Master Me (Dante’s Purgatory Book 3) by Sayara St. Clair


** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

There is absolutely no hiding the fact that that I am a HUGE fan of Sayara St. Clair. I have followed her works from the very beginning so I knew that when this little gem fell into my kindle I was in for one hell of a ride.
So here I am contemplating what to write, and why? Because quite frankly this would have to be my favorite from Sayara to date. Yes I know that’s a big call, but guys Master Me is sheer brilliance. 

Without giving too much away I will briefly give you a run down….

Trixie Meier, a submissive at Dante’s Purgatory has had enough. What she used to crave from being a submissive has simply disappeared. Tired of being pushed around, tired of submitting, Trixie decides that what she really wants is to be a dominant. She wants the control, she wants to top. She wants to be the best Dom she can possibly be.
So with the permission from both her employers Dante and Chris, and with their help and training, Trixie is trained to be a Dom…..And lordy is she brilliant at it.  
She knows that she can Dom well, but there is only one person she wants to do that with. There is only one person that she wants to submit to her. There is only one person that she desires. 

Xavier Adams.

Head of security at Dante’s Purgatory, you can only imagine what a Goliath of a man he is. Tall, broody, all male, tattooed who watches everyone’s moves. It’s his job to make sure that everyone in the club is safe. It’s his job to make sure that Dante’s Purgatory is a safe place for everyone to be what they want to be, weather it be a Dom or a submissive. 
While keeping his eye on all, there is only one person that keeps Xavier’s eyes straying. There is only one person that captivates him. There is only one person that somehow is able to unravel his emotions. 
Trixie Meier……That’s who!!

Welcome to Trixie and Xavier’s world guys. 
A world that you will leave your toes curling.
A world that will leave you all hot and sweaty.
A world that will simply take your breath away.

I honestly cannot rate this novel high enough. Sayara has written this with so much passion and intensity that you can’t help but feel throughout the whole novel. 
Trixie….What a fire cracker. She all kinds of sassy, crazy and witty that I couldn’t help but fall in love with her instantly.
And Xavier….Intense, all male and a man of few words. But believe me when I say when he has something to say it’s all consuming and powerful to the soul. 

A HUGE 5 star read 

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