He Wants It All: a novel By Marilena Barbagallo


**arc recieved for honest review**

**Reviewed by Mel from Bloggers From Down Under**

Where do you start…………

Cliff-hanger…….. hate it especially without warning as it makes me want to smash my iPad.

You can tell this book has been translated into English overall it wasn’t too bad to read but some parts of the book were a little broken in the translation aspects.

Overall wasn’t a bad read some parts of there past were a little dark which is fantastic but, in their end, when their worlds collide there is an explosion between Krum and AmbraKrum isn’t sure he wants to take the opportunity at the beginning but the chemistry between these to is like dynamite. There love and passion for each other over powers all else.

As we said wasn’t a bad read I personally hate cliffhangers with no warning as personally I would have never picked it up until all was finished but that’s personal preference.

3 stars


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