Book Review – Monsters by Melissa Jane


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

On a dark and stormy night you witness the unthinkable.
Lucas, your best friend.
Mason your enemy.
Brothers, your neighbors covered in blood.
You know what they have done.
But you can’t speak of it.
Because you know if you do, then you’ll be next.
It’s a secret you must bare.
Your life depends on it. 
A case of choosing between life and death. 
It all hangs in the balance. 
So the secret is kept deep within. 
A secret that you will carry.
A secret that will haunt you everyday.
A secret that you will keep guarded because your life depends on it.
If you keep quiet then the past won’t come.
It will lie dormant, never to be revealed. 

But everything is about to change.
After ten long years, Gemma is going to finally come face to face with her past.
Gemma is finally going to be faced with the monster that tormented her all those years a go.
Gemma is going to be faced with the scars that he left.
Gemma is going to have to make a choice.
Fight or flight?

What will she choose?
Will Gemma come clean about what she witnessed?
What will be Gemma’s fate?
But more importantly…….
What happens when Mason comes looking for his ‘Little Wren’?

An absolute phenomenal read that left me speechless. It consumed my heart and soul. It was all things raw, gritty, disturbing, gut wrenching and pure evil. An edge of your seat read that just kept me guessing until the very end. 
So full of depth and description I was glued to every page turned. 
Melissa Jane completely captured me with this novel. 
A powerful read that I cannot rate highly enough.

5 gruesome stars

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