First Time Bloggers

We are two Aussie chicks who love all things books. Between us both we have read well over 400 books and are looking at becoming bloggers for authors.

We love all types of genres, no topic is untouched when it comes to our reading.

It is also our first time using WordPress, so if we are a little slow, please be patient with us we are self teaching ourselves how to use it.

So wish us luck everyone, I think we are going to need it.


10 thoughts on “First Time Bloggers

  1. Good evening. My debut novel just released and j was looking for some amazing bloggers to read and review my book. It’s a contemporary romance with fun, the feels and definitely some steam, unfortunately I was unable to find the rules for your submission, so I’ll leave you with my email:


  2. I have a dark romance that comes out the 31st of January and would love it if you could check it out. Doesn’t need to be before the release date I’m sure you are busy and it is short notice. Thank you!


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