Bloggers From Down Under Phone Interview With Jason Luke


Bloggers From Down Under Phone Interview With Jason Luke

Wow what a night!! Tonight I had a phone interview with the one and only Jason Luke or Nicholas Ryan as fans of his would know they are his Pen name.

I read Interview with a master and was absolutely fascinated by this author and his style of writing, he was like a breath of fresh air to the erotica book scene his writing is raw and captivating at the same time but yet it’s not a romantic love story but there will be more on this book to follow with our review that we will post after this, anyways I was intrigued by this author I wanted to know who, when where and what he was all about I wanted to know all his books I wanted it all so I went a stalkerish quest (pretty freaking and stalkerish shit even for me but I had to know) so I posted on our page and tagged him in the post, I tweeted at him, I emailed him and I also inboxed a few people on facebook (as I said very stalkerish!!) to find and who, when, what and why and I done all this in the afternoon/evening so I went on my merry way and went to bed and then when I woke up in the morning I checked our page and holy freakin shit I had a comment from Nicholas Ryan AKA Jason Luke AKA no idea….. So I quickly added this person and he was very up front and honest and said he doesn’t do takeovers etc. so I pushed my luck and asked for and interview (thinking I will type up some questions and email them) and fuck me drunk he said “Sure I can call you and we can do a PHONE INTERVIEW”!! (yes people I spoke to JASON LUKE) anyways I nearly fell off my chair cause not many well hardly any authors do that and more so cause we are a small blog a lot just deal with the big fish in the sea……

Anyways I think I squealed a bit and then I messaged my partner in crime Gayle I think I squealed some more and then thought shit what am I going to ask???? I had a couple of hours up my sleeve before the phone interview so I was researching and trying to find what I can on this guy and there wasn’t that much out there that I hadn’t already found out. So I jotted down some questions and thought shit I hope these are ok. I was very nervous but as a champ Jason Luke was very easy to talk to and our convo flowed and we talked and talked, not often do u get to talk to an author like that and I was very grateful.

So here are the questions I asked and something’s that he just told me!!

(These aren’t his exact words as he spoke I quickly wrote)

What inspires you to write?

“A unique and intriguing idea comes to mind and I write about it”

Jason Luke doesn’t plan out his books everyday he sits down at his pc reads the last paragraph he wrote and then continues on from there he doesn’t re read his work he doesn’t edit his work, he doesn’t have publishers or any fancy PA’s he didn’t even do blog tours, cover releases etc. Before or even when the book is released. He writes until 1pm and then after that his done for the day and that’s the end of the book in his mind.

Are your Family supportive of your writing?

“Yes my family are very supportive of my writing”.

Is writing your full time job?

“Yes I write from 9am to 1pm everyday 7 days a week even on Christmas and New Years I still write”.

Why the 2 different Pen Names?

“2 different Pen name is so that people can establish the different books with the different author as there 2 different style books”.

How do you deal with critics?

“Critics are great except the ones that critic with no good reason as long as its constructive criticism is ok and it’s a process everyone has the right to their own opinion”.

Did you ever anticipate your books being as big as they are?

‘Interview’ reached number #61 on the Amazon bestsellers charts when it was first released.

Jason Luke is an Amazon top ten bestselling erotica author.

Nicholas Ryan is an Amazon top ten bestselling horror author.

“No never I was stunned. I was just hoping it made it to the top 200, I never had any blog tours, releases or any advertising for Interview With A Master” Jason Luke’s fan page had over 4000 likes before the book was even released”.

Are your Zombie books as big as your Erotica books?

“Yes there actually bigger the people that buy zombie books buy them and read then they usually don’t buy them until they have finished, people that buy erotica normally have a list of erotic books that they have sitting there waiting to be read”. (Very true and guilty as charged)

Can you tell me about your blogs?

“Yes of course Facebook and Social Media are making it hard to reach your audience with all the changes etc. so the blogs and the snippets are my way of connecting with my fans on a more personal level, they invite me into their homes so I write little snippets for them to read each day”.


Are you an author freak? (does your mind wake you up in the middle of the night with an idea for a book, or would you be standing in line at the checkout and a plot line comes to you)

“No I’m not, come 1pm I shut down the PC and I’m done for the day I make sure I hit my quota for the day and then I’m done I can enjoy my day my work day is done”.


There is a massive difference between Zombie & Erotica is that a challenge to write or do they both come naturally?

“It’s the same style of writing just different books but they are both written the same way”.


What will the book world see from Jason Luke Next?

“The World master will be released on the 8th of Feb and from then on you will have to wait and see”.


Some Fun Facts About Jason Luke

* Very Funny

* Does not read his own books, doesn’t edit them doesn’t have an editor.

* Interview with a master was written in 18 days.

* Jason Luke has knocked back Publishers.

* Jason Luke thinks of Chapters in his books as his writing songs, Every Chapter is a song and the complete book is the finished album, every song on an album has to flow with that album and so do the chapters they all have to flow till the end to make a beautiful Book. (Pretty fucking amazing when you look at it like that)

*Jason Luke is a smoker!! (lol)

*He is a terribly slow at typing….. for In Love with a Master he hired a young lady to type as he spoke (same way Jonah did more or less) Wouldn’t you have loved to be that young lady, could you imagine sitting there while this man is reading those kind of words out… wet seat for sure!!!

* Jason Luke doesn’t like Jonah.

* Interview with a Master was supposed to be a standalone. (Thank god it wasn’t)

* He really likes interview with a Porn star.

Wrapping it up!!

Our phone conversation was amazing we spoke for a little over 1.5 hours Jason Luke was a blast to talk to he was very funny and the quotes he comes out with is amazing. Some of his out looks on life and everyday was fantastic he was very real, very down to earth and was just great to chat to.

I was very nervous about this call at the start but he made it very easy to talk to and the conversation flowed the whole time and it was also great to talk to an author that didn’t give you quick short answers and not once did I ever feel like I was being hurried off the phone or feel like you were below him.

Jason Luke aka Nickolas Ryan aka no idea, doesn’t do any social Media he doesn’t want the attention focused on himself he wants the attention focused on the book and for the book to stand up for what it is, he wants to remain anonyms as he feels it’s not about himself, what he looks like, how tall he is etc. It’s about the book and the characters in the book and the writing.

We respect that Jason Luke isn’t being a fame seeker he is just doing a job he doesn’t see himself as a famous author he is just happy to write and put his words in a story. Another thing I did find amazing is that Jason Luke has no attachment to his characters or books he feel no emotion to them which I found a bit fascinating!!!

We want to say a BIG thank you to Jason Luke for taking the time to chat to us and not thinking I’m a crazy stalker Fan I just needed to know!! J

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