Taken By Logan Chance

**arc received for honest review**
**reviewed by Mel from Bloggers From Down Under**
Let me just say firstly I’m lucky as at 1 part I nearly through my iPad.
Your a prisoner in a castle by your own father.
Your told what to do, when to do it.
Your told who you can see and who you cant.
Your even told who your marrying.
The one boy you do love leaves.
Your left with your evil father.
The mob boss.
The one that is pure evil.
The one who will destroy everyone and everything that gets in his way.
Your kidnapped.
By the one man you thought you could trust.
The one you love.
Everything he does is for her,
For his mother,
He will seek her revenge no matter what the cost.
He will bring those responsible to justice.
But what happens when she bring him to his knees,
The one he has always loved.
Will Rhiannon and Xavier get there happy ever after?
I really loved this story I loved the little twists and turn and the fast pace of the story I was taken on the journey with the characters and went along there roller coaster of a ride.
The only downside is I would have loved more at the end. I wanted to read about there happy ever after!
4 stars